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Jon Snow

Having some fun with this guy...Thinking about how I might do a series of these for Name of the Wind/Wise Man's Fear.


They'll find everything where nothing remains.


A little place "Beyond the Wall"

Ancient Mana Tower

Here's a concept I created as an Art Test for my current job. Hoping to find time to post more personal work this winter.


Inspired by the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series.
'A Game of Thrones' got me hooked, just finished 'A Clash of Kings.'

APC Textures

Latest personal texturing work.
Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop


sketch for tonight...brrr.


Sketch from tonight, trying some new things.

rough sketch

Playing around, time to sleep

Arrowhead Mech

A more finished sketch from last night, tried to tighten it up without spending too much time on it. I was imagining a whole row of these folded up on the outside of a larger ship, then being jettisoned down to the battlefield, unfolding in the process.


Sketch from a vacation photo last year, a sketch from a few days ago, and a study from Saving Private Ryan.

Cave lair

Something fun, taking a break from film studies. I was thinking, "What if Skeletor lived in a cave?"


A mech sketch I had originally played around with for Dominance War, but had other obligations. I felt like giving it some more attention because I liked the shape of the headpiece, so I painted over it a little recently.

Claw Basin

Here's a painting I did for the Planet Arnoz. It is the dry, treacherous prison planet that Dorothy crash lands on. Once a year, the Claw Basin floods, and the molten, igneous, dagger-filled canyon fills with water. This is a religious site for the indigenous feline species that dwells in these inhospitable regions of the small planet. It is where Dorothy takes her first steps in the world of Oz Nebulae, and has her first encounter with it's inhabitants...

Colony Orbiter

This is the Colony Orbiter, the ship Dorothy is traveling on.
As the Earth grew increasingly toxic, these ships were deployed
to identify and colonize new planets. They are low impulse, ion engine
crafts with around 70 people on board. Once they land, they are self
contained colonies, offering protection, power, and sustenance for the
survivors of the journey. Dorothy has been on this vessel for 9 years.

Nebulae Painting

This is the first image from the Oz Nebulae project.
Instead of four counties, as depicted in the original 'Wizard of Oz,' there are four nebulae, each with a landmark planet. These revolve around the central Great Star, and when in proximity, the respective nebula grows and shifts. This cosmic season transforms the planet's atmosphere and in some aspects, it's climate. This gives the four planets an active and dormant state, and their inhabitants have evolved to reflect this. In this image, the planet Oza is in it's active stage in the background.
The black planet Zo lies dormant in the foreground.